ACCRA Med Software Inc. is a registered Canadian company offering Medical practice management software since 1994. Our expert consultants are our clients, partners and our technology team; our software evolves to the needs and expectations of our clients. As such, in collaboration with The Software Foundry, Inc., we can offer the Medical Coder Assistant service.  This service helps practices, and doctors properly document charts and maximize their insurance claims by reducing errors and making the insurance  claim process simpler to manage.

At ACCRA Med Software we strive to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced Practice Management Software and services. Our attitude toward customer service, research, production, marketing, sales, administration and people makes us what we are today.

We translate the current advanced technologies available into value for our customers through our professional solutions and service businesses worldwide. We continually respond to changing markets, changing business practices, and the evolution of technology.

A successful response to change continues to be essential to our long-term success. Our business philosophy has remained constant and ensures that our clients receive a product and service able to meet their needs both today and tomorrow.

We are pleased by our success and are excited by our quest for excellence and the opportunity of working with our customers and partners.

The Medical Coder Assistant is a service in collaboration with The Software Foundry, Inc. in Chatham, New Jersey. The program was developed in a collaborative effort by transplant, trauma, and critical care physicians, two billing companies, and The Software Foundry's computer scientists.

Founded in 1976 and incorporated in the State of New Jersey in 1987, The Software Foundry, Inc. has participated in numerous consulting projects, primarily in financial accounting. Among its customers have been prominent Wall Street firms -- companies with little tolerance for walking away from money. The Software Foundry now applies the same expertise it has used on Wall Street to help health care providers bill for their services and get paid.

We believe that our mutual collaboration in offering you the Medical Coder Assistant as a service,  can help you maximize your monetary returns by making the Insurance claim process easier, less likely to errors and improve efficiency.  By saving time and reducing errors,  we are saving you MONEY!  By getting it right on the first try, we are helping you to get paid Faster!


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